We help grassroots youth empowerment charities in the world’s poorest nations to bridge compassion with leaders in the community and private sectors.

Are you a conscientious steward of the earth and all inhabitants?

Do you believe in long-term inclusive empowerment, the power of family and strong communities, and free enterprise?

Do you want to empower families living in extreme poverty?

Do you want to empower the communities where they live?

Do you want to empower the places where they work?

Do you want to help empower the schools where their children learn to succeed in life?

There are 21,000 reasons why GRIT matters. We call them Future Leaders and grit grows them.

Come to the Passion Farm. Grow some grit. And build some leaders!

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Passion Farm is a place where non-profits help each other grow and succeed. It is a place where thinking outside of the box—as one—is strong and commitment to changing the way philanthropy is done is even stronger.

At Passion Farm, we believe in the power of every individual, and we push each individual to believe in the social and economic empowerment of the child, family, community, and workplace. We believe in the social enterprise, and we understand that success there can never be substituted. We believe in leading social investment, not watching it from behind. This is why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a large part of what we do.

Our core tenets of leadership, however, are not focused only on peer-to-peer giving and corporate donations. We believe companies will come, especially in Africa, if non-profits are ready, and can prove themselves as independent, well-managed, corruption-free, and results-oriented organizations.


Grit Advocate not only does the necessary due diligence to ensure our donors in the United States understand and trust our local “caregiver” partners, but it also gives them the transparency tools so they can build strong and reliable partnerships throughout the government, civil society, and private sector.

Next, we coach and mentor our local “caregiver” partners to espouse Growth Mindset principles that build firmness of character, indomitable spirit, perseverance, and a passionate will to succeed. We help them build strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platforms to open endless possibilities for private sector engagement in their non-profit. Last, we help our local “caregiver” partners fundraise.


Grit is that extra something that separates the most successful people from the rest. It’s the firmness of character, indomitable spirit, perseverance, stamina, and passion that we must channel in order to truly succeed in life. And we grow it!