We help grassroots youth empowerment charities in the world’s poorest nations to bridge compassion with leaders in the community and private sectors.

Are you a conscientious steward of the earth and all inhabitants?

Do you believe in long-term inclusive empowerment, the power of family and strong communities, and free enterprise?

Do you want to empower families living in extreme poverty?

Do you want to empower the communities where they live?

Do you want to empower the places where they work?

Do you want to help empower the schools where their children learn to succeed in life?

There are 21,000 reasons why GRIT matters. We call them Future Leaders and grit grows them.

Come to the Passion Farm. Grow some grit. And build some leaders!

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Passion Farm Group Of Partners

Passion Farm is a place where non-profits in Africa help each other grow and succeed. It is a place where thinking outside of the box—as one—is strong and commitment to changing the way philanthropy is done is even stronger. And the mindset “We Have Room to Grow” is an understatement for those that see the payoff in growing passion AND GRIT!

At Passion Farm, we believe in the power of every individual, and we push every individual to believe in the empowerment of the family, community, and workplace. We believe in the free marketplace, and we understand that success there can never be substituted.

We understand that sustaining human talent is critical in the non-profit world and that is why we seek partners with deep ties in a wide range of development, empowerment, innovation, and free enterprise fields. Every action we take in Africa is guided towards fostering social enterprise, knowing the best way to spur change in the workplace and communities is let business take the reign.
We align these talented leaders in Africa with likeminded southern-based U.S. companies and universities, non-governmental organizations, diaspora communities, and other professional groups. And we empower the youth of Africa to not just “Think” about the need of their communities, but to “Do” something about it.

We believe in leading innovation, not watching it from behind. And we believe in the core tenets of giving back, handing up instead of handing out, and always placing the value of passion and grit where it belongs—at the top of every mission statement.

These two simple words summarize our overarching approach to growing successful nonprofits in Africa—to empower families, communities, and the private sector. We look to all Passion Farm partners to espouse these values and to seek out other likeminded leaders to do the same. However, we know that articulating a cohesive message that resonates requires a new “growth” mindset about Africa. We must change the way Africans view hand-ups verses hands, service to the community, and leadership. We must change the way U.S. business and civil society views Africa. And we must grow grit!

Our Passion Farm Partners




A new Income Generation-focused “African-American Diaspora Women Business Council” is currently being formed in Washington, DC. The organization will be led and managed by a former U.S. Department official whose philanthropy work has been focused mainly on Kenya. Another former State Department Official will serve as a coordinator, bringing with her extensive experience in promoting female empowerment/entrepreneurialism programs in North Africa, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe. CHFF, led by a former U.S. State Department senior official – with over 25 years of overseas experience, 10 of these in Africa – will serve as consultant/advisor for scaling business “Income Generation” development.

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