We help grassroots youth empowerment charities in the world’s poorest nations to bridge compassion with leaders in the community and private sectors.

Are you a conscientious steward of the earth and all inhabitants?

Do you believe in long-term inclusive empowerment, the power of family and strong communities, and free enterprise?

Do you want to empower families living in extreme poverty?

Do you want to empower the communities where they live?

Do you want to empower the places where they work?

Do you want to help empower the schools where their children learn to succeed in life?

There are 21,000 reasons why GRIT matters. We call them Future Leaders and grit grows them.

Come to the Passion Farm. Grow some grit. And build some leaders!

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Business Model

Grit Advocate, a registered 501(c)3 “multiplier” nonprofit, was founded by Dennis Winstead, a retired senior US Department of State official who realized the missing piece most needed for fledgling grassroots advocates fighting poverty in the developing world: grit.

Grit Advocate relies on a business model that capitalizes on a mix of income sources in addition to fundraising. These include: consulting and fee-for-service products, private and public grants, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Grit Advocate’s one annual fundraising period runs from Giving Tuesday, following Thanksgiving each year, through January 31.

Donations made throughout the year are accepted and welcomed.

Please contact us directly for information regarding past and current agreements with the US Government and or foreign governments.

All relevant foreign government activity is registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) in strict accordance with US Law.